The cure for the ache of paradise lost. - childhood rediscovered.

Into my heart an air that kills from yon far country blows
What are those blue remembered hills, what farms, what spires are those?
That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain
Its happy highways where I went, and cannot come again.


2 Luxury waterfront villas, each with their own private pool, free use of rowing boat and kayak, wi-fi access and central heating.

A dreamy slice of a watery Eden Look around you and you might find it hard to believe you are in Europe, never mind just a two-hour flight from grey skies and rain-soaked streets.

Choose which bridge to cross from the car park: ornamental wrought iron Asian-style; or the ancient stone arch, from where your eye will be drawn to the shimmering water receding into a tunnel of trees, maybe evoking the haunting echo of a forgotten story which once entranced you as a child.

You are on a long, banana-shaped island the lovely old canal behind you; the clear, warm, lazy river to your front. You could almost dive into it from a bedroom of the classic white villa.

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